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The boat, Newport 30, sailing for 15 years coming from Bermuda to Beaufort NC. Weather front on horizon at night illuminated by lightning from all the way port to starboard...shut done all electronics and disconnected them, all wiring from mast disconnected...batteries on off...try to make no electical field. coming closer now night time like daytime..see for miles...closer now too bright...look away as boat cabin top vanishes in the bright lite at such an it...pressure pulses from all sides...with eyes closed tight brightness almost too much....inner eye lids height of strikes to water around us (1 strike every 3-10 seconds) a strike hit so close the rain on our faces(foul weather gear on with gloves, only leaving face exposed) had to be wiped away because it got too hot! It was incredible and this whole thing lasted, from seeing it afar to it passing about 15-20 the way, we had no grounding at all on the boat and I figure that with lightning....if you have no grounding it is like lightning trying to find you in the fog, with grounding I feel you may attract it
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