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Uh, the scuppers will only drain water from the boat when it is moving at top speed. The rest of the time they are just holes in the boat and will let water in.
That said, I kept my Lightning on a mooring in a very protected harbor on Long Island Sound. I installed a pad eye on the bow anchored to a piece of wood I cut to fit the stem. I got a 50# mushroom, some chain & some line for the mooring.
Battery, bilge pump & solar panel are all great ideas for a keel boat but not for a small sport boat. A cover would have been a good thing to have but I just checked it every week, or after every heavy rain and manually pumped it out with bucket, sponge & manual pump.
If you are thinking of mooring in salt water you will need to put anti-fouling paint on the bottom.
Lightnings are normally "dry sailed", meaning they do not stay on the water full time and are only launched when it is time to race or sail. Easy to do if you have access to a crane.
If you have no crane to use the next best thing would be to find a place where you could keep your Lightning with it's mast up while on the trailer with a launch ramp nearby (no overhead wires etc). If you can't find a place with this set up then mooring it is the way to go.
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