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Ok. I have 2 gp 27 in parallel bank 1 and a starting battery bank b, with a link 20 and pathmaker battery combiner.
The old Lifeline AGM batteries had probably never been floated due to cruising and lack of power source with PO.
While attempting to charge and equalise them myself I noticed on the charger one bank showed neg current going in the other positive while on the charger. Odd I thought.
Anyway while I got some improvement I took them to the Battery Clinic and had them reconditioned, with an excellent result at low cost.
Meanwhile I thought I should rewire the Link as all eight wires were white not colour coded.
Now trying to interpret p33 of the link manual, it says all load grounds go on this side of the shunt ie left and bank 1.
My winch is on bank 2 so does the neg of that go on the left or the right where there is a small "load" on the diagram but nothing on the equivalent negative terminal of bank 2.
It also has No other wires connect direct to battery. I took this as being only negatives but may be wrong. I have only an off on battery switch, which I take as being for the motor and an off on switch on the panel but three thick positive cables on bank one and two on bank two. HMM does that sound right?
Anyway now the problem having read what I could I reconnected everything using coloured cable and following the manual as best I could follow it with admitted inexperience. Comes to the last touching the neg cable to bank 1 negative I get quite marked sparking. Testing the neg cable from battery two of bank one to the neg cable of battery one of bank 1 I get 13.2 volts.
Okay it seems to me if bank 2 is at 12.7 and bank 1 at 13.2 or so even if the negative for the winch should be on the right side of the shunt thing there shouldn't be a current between the winch and bank 1, and two even if one bank is at 13.2 and the other at 12.7 that shouldnt give 13.2 volts between the negatives of bank 1.
I noticed the same sparking before I touched anything. Also that some of the wiring on the right bank 2 side did not seem right.
It seems to me that there must be short or a miswiring in one of the wires supposed to be negative?
The PO did it himself.
I hesitate to ask but I don't mind admitting a lack of expertise but it seems to me there must be a rational explanation. I could get the local electricians who wired up the winch but since that took 7 hours, including changing a tricolour lightbulb and they made two mistakes to my knowledge I am a wee bit hesitant as well as stubborn.
Any insights appreciated.
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