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The Bas-Thorntons have the initial lead; "A High Wind In Jamaica" was published in 1929.
But the Swallows and Amazons, starting from 1930, have a longer run.

The Amazons are certainly qualified in Piracy, but the Bas-Thornton liddlies could produce Duppies on a whim. Have you ever survived an encounter with a Duppy?
Still, the Swallows are so sensible; tea is sure to be served. With milk.

Eventually, a duel would need to take place between Nancy Blackett and Emily Bas-Thornton. Knives are literally called for. (The two Johns cancel each other out, for being insufferably dull, and for one being already dead.)

I'm going with Emily; her disconnect with reality was far greater than that of the Blackett girl, and she has killed before.
Still, Nancy is the most Ruthless of them all.


Richard Hughes: "A High Wind In Jamaica: ("The Innocent Voyage" title is a spoiler.)
Arthur Ransome: "Swallows And Amazons"
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