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Lithium Ion batteries

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I have used Lithium Ion batteries on TV cameras for the last 10 years and am totally sold on the technology. They have been absolutely impressive in terms of reliability, longevity and power to weight ratio. Some of our 80WH 12V batteries packs are over 8 years old and still working on the field day to day despite hundreds of charging cycles. We have about 25 units which have traveled all over the world, in all kinds of environmental and weather conditions and never had a single failure. I see 12V Lithium Ion Marine Batteries | Deep Cycle Batteries | Smart Battery has pretty attractive pricing on marine lithium batteries. Has anyone switched to lithiums?
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I looked a lot into Lithiums recently, and came to the same conclusion everyone else did - you basically have to build your own system from scratch. Those drop-in batteries will die horribly without the surrounding infrastructure correctly set up, and by the time you do all that stuff you may as well buy cells and setup your own battery for 1/3 of the cost of the pre-made.

I'm still going to do it since I love that stuff, but it requires a fair bit of reading and research.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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