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Living Aboard MacGregor26

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We have been thinking of buying a MacGregor for years, mostly because we live right on the Intracoastal at a place that the bridge over the inlet does not raise (a MacGregor would let us lower the mast so we could get out to the ocean without having to sail 3 hours to the next inlet that has an opening bridge).
This past week we sailed a few day sails on a friend's MacGregor (see photos and map of sailing location below) but it was on very flat water (river in Quebec).
Has anyone sailed this boat in larger seas? Has anyone lived aboard for more than a few days? We would use it for 1-2 week trips to the Bahamas.
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live aboard or 2 week cruising? They are way different, especially over time.

In the olden days, when I was young, I lived aboard a Cal 25 for about a year, until I tired of the frozen things aboard. This was near Annapolis on the Rhode River. I kept my "work" clothes in the car, used the marina shower and in general, enjoyed the time immensely. As nice as it was, there is no way I would head out to the bahamas or even offshore, except when I could run to shore when needed.

The Mac is an OK boat, but is not built or designed to do what you are wanting to do. On many, (almost every), if not all ways. It is rigged with undersized components, few tie points for rigging are appropriate for heavey weather on the bay, let alone off shore.

The Mac will be OK to liveaboard for a few days or a couple of weeks, but unless you are really agile and hardy, you will tire of it quickly. If you have a "we", the other half needs to accept the shortcomings as well.

I would save my money, or spend what I have on an older, more traditional sailboat. Even a Sabre 28 is more comfortable on all fronts than the Mac.
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Here we go with the "Macgregor's not a real boat" drama again.

I guess I should have added my usual disclaimer...YMMV, and it is your money and will be your boat. Go for it, take the Mac to the bahamas. People do it on jetskis and flats boats all the time. OP did ask a specific question and I did my best to answer it.

I chose, and have chosen many over the decades since living on the Cal, a sailboat, not a seems that even MacGregor can't decide what it is. Power or sail?
I'm not really interested in the 26, but I haven't really heard of any catastrophic failure on such a trip with said boat. Not saying it hasn't or couldn't happen, though.

This guy apparently does it with his 25 (which is a real sailboat, not a hybrid):

The Wild Hair - Mac 25

Have you ever owned or sailed on a Macgregor?
two actually, a Venture 21 that I lived on for a few months until I could trade it on the Cal, and then the Venture 25 to see how well they did a "bigger" boat. That 25 became the Mac 25, then the hybrid 26.

The venture 21 was/is one of the most fun boats I have ever owned. I sailed it several times a week and all weekend long, even made a few Wed night races against some Helms 24 and similar boats. It was just not a liveaboard and not up to storms and nautical weather, even that of the bay. Just not enough boat between me and the water. As I said, the fit and finish was poor, and the fasteners and rigging ends were just sheet metal screws in to the fiberlgass.

It is a good boat, as long as you understand her limits. And crossing the Gulf Stream (and yes, before you ask, I have done that many times) is not something I would do. Doesn't mean it can't be done, just not my cup of tea or risk. As I said they do it on jetskis and paddleboards and flats boat.
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