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Living Aboard MacGregor26

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We have been thinking of buying a MacGregor for years, mostly because we live right on the Intracoastal at a place that the bridge over the inlet does not raise (a MacGregor would let us lower the mast so we could get out to the ocean without having to sail 3 hours to the next inlet that has an opening bridge).
This past week we sailed a few day sails on a friend's MacGregor (see photos and map of sailing location below) but it was on very flat water (river in Quebec).
Has anyone sailed this boat in larger seas? Has anyone lived aboard for more than a few days? We would use it for 1-2 week trips to the Bahamas.
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I've seen these online for sail for like $2,500.
The Venture/Macs are an affordable entry into sailing. I bought my Venture 2-22 with trailer for $2300. Crossing to the Bahamas wasn't even a thought in my mind, only learning how to sail and it helped me on my way to achieving that goal.

It was also at a price that, since I had never sailed before, wouldn't have been a huge deal should I have decided that I hated sailing.

It did quite well on the Chesapeake and I survived to buy my next boat.
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