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As many of you know, we have a new Bene. We launched in August 2008, and hauled in October 2008. When we hauled, our shaft zinc was all but gone. WAY too much corrosion in my view after only two months on a mooring. Plus, we kept our prior boat at the same spot, and never had anything close to that. So, I'm trying to find the problem, and I'm getting help from my dealer, and a touch less help from Beneteau directly.

Moreover, here's something about the shaft log. It exits the boat from skeg that has become pretty common on Benes. Inside that shaft log is the cutlass bearing. That portion of the log that is exterior to the skeg is encased in stainless for protection. There is a set screw going through the stainless housing, to what I'm not 100% sure. Below is a picture, which obviously is worth 1,000 words. Note that this was taken before the boat was launched, so the zinc is new, and there's not even bottom paint on the boat just yet.

And in case it matters, it's a Flex-o-Fold folding prop.

Just today, I was at the boat, and I put a multi-meter on the setup (in the Ohm setting). When I put one lead on the stainless housing and the other on either the shaft or the prop, it read from between 10 to 13 or so. Makes me think the housing is isolated from the shaft. BUT, when I put a lead on that set screw and the other on either the shaft or the prop, the reading drops down to betwee. .8 and 1.8.

As I just wrote on AS, things that make you go hmmm.

Any experts have any thoughts on any of this? I'm concerned about having to search for a needle in a haystack to find a voltage leak somewhere, but I suspect that's where I'll end up before this is done.

Dawg, no need to repost your idea on how to figure out if there's a voltage leak (which I am going to employ). I'm posting this fresh here because I just realized that I posted this question on AS, but not here.

Thanks all.

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