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I will probably purchase a Spectra Ventura 150 watermaker for cruising, but am still working with the company to get an acceptable answer to one question. Maybe one of you has dealt with this and can lend some insight.

The Ventura 150 manual states, “The brine discharge thru -hull should be mounted above the waterline, in or just above the boot stripe to minimize water lift.”

My thinking is that this would put the discharge under water whenever sailing on or above a close reach in moderate winds and maybe even on a broad reach given that the boot stripe is only several inches high and cruising boats tend to be fairly heavily loaded. This could put the discharge underwater a good deal of the time. But Spectra says, “IT CAN GO UNDER WHILE HEALED OVER. IT JUST SHOULDN’T STAY UNDER.”

The purpose of keeping it low is to minimize water lift. But if another 6 to 12 inches makes a difference, then it seems like they are operating on the ragged edge of the feed water pump. But the feed water pump is operating at something like 150 psi and 1 foot of water is about 0.5 psi.

Any thoughts on where one should install the discharge?
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