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Well this is like someone asking where to look at new cars, and giving no more info. So they are given directions to a Rolls Royce dealer, then they are upset because there are no new in there price range. Without some sort of direction, you are asking to be sent to the wrong place. Are you looking for a cruiser, racer, trailer-able, as they are all going to often be located at different places. If you want a boat for less than 10,000 it will be different than looking for one in 50,000 range, and even more different than 200,000 range. I notice UK in your name, are you planning to take it back to the UK? As that would play a big roll, as you will need something with the necessary paperwork to import to UK, such as engineering and design drawings and specifications required. So you would want to look for boats with the manufacturer still in business. Giving clear indication of what you are looking for is going to help make sure you get the information that is most useful to you.

Otherwise you would be better off checking out Yachtworld, sailboat listings, Craigslist and sailing Texas yourself.
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