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Good read. I am a bit curious as to how Timella ended up on a charted, at least from the post I read, reef???

**it happens! Captain's been injured (burns), crews tired (days at sea, middle of the night), charts possibly in error, etc.... All kinds of reasons. It's a big bad ocean out there.


Thanks, it's a great story. I'm going to save it and include it in my required reading for crew. It sounds as if everyone performed admirably -- really cool heads all around.

The point above on being alone out there is spot on. In most places in the world there is no one to come get you but your fellow cruisers. If you wander far from the US or European coasts you really have to be prepared to help yourself, and those you encounter along the way.

I think the story shows how critical it is to have multiple means of communications and as much redundancy as you can afford. The crew in the water would have really benefited from a waterproof, hand-held VHF. It seems from the narrative that it would have been very easy for them to have gone unseen.

Nice to see a rescue story where everyone lives to sail another day. Well done, crew of Ocealys.
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