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Good Morning,

I've been lurking here for years and finally decided to register today.

I currently own a 2002 Macgregor 26x (yes the hybrid...I know, get it out of your system I'll wait...)after owning a sunfish and then a traditional style Macgregor 25.

I learned to sail in boy scouts when I was 12, and played with my (well my parents) sunfish for a few years until I turned 16 and decided fast cars and motorcycles were more fun.

After getting into the real world for a few years after college I found myself dreaming about sailing and bought a cheap Mac25 to get back into the life.

Unfortunately, the sometimes narrow channels and stiff currents around here meant I spent more time "steaming" to get where I had room to raise the sails than actually using them. Plus my family wanted to join some friends occasionally for beach days on an undeveloped island near here; so I took the plunge on the 26x.

Even though it's not the best sailboat on the water, I can honestly say I spend more time under sail than power now and my family spends a lot more time on the water overall.

We're planning our first multi-day cruise up to Cape Lookout, NC next week.

Next Year I plan to sail to Ocracoke NC and then spend a weekend sailing in Charleston.

By 2020, I hope to spend a few weeks in Bimini.

I know they're not big plans, but since I'm probaly 30+ years from retiring and have 3 small children, they're big enough for now.

Thank you guys for letting me introduce myself and the great advice/information and sometimes entertainment on these boards.

El Chupa Nibre
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Welcome to SN. I've never sailed on a 26, but the M25 is a fine vessel (I have one), and I'm sure the 26 is as well.

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Welcome to SailNet!

The important part is that you're sailing and having fun.
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