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I've already posted a couple questions to which I have received helpful replies. I figure I'll introduce myself since you have a place for that.

My love for the sea started when I was four during my first visit to North Carolina. I would spend every summer there for the next six years. During this time my mother worked at a Nautical Museum near Beaufort which was a part of the excavation of the Queen Ann's Revenge. My passion, however, was Titanic. I saw the movie of course, but that sparked an interest that went much further than a movie. I became so interested in history, especially history on the ocean, that inevitably, I realized I loved the sea as well. I wonder if this is the reverse of the norm? For me the ocean was just a setting for the stories of history, but one day I just sort of noticed how beautiful it was.

When I wasn't being much older than my age I would do typical childhood things like imagine myself sailing on an old ship, or diving in a submarine, or scuba-diving, etc. The nice thing is that unlike being an astronaut, sailing on the sea is a much more attainable childhood dream! Which brings me to today, where I am trying to learn as much as possible.

So where ever you can direct me is much appreciated. Any information is valuable to me. Thank you in advance.
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