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As a 6'4" sailor, I sympathize with your desire for headroom down below. I finally got most of it with my new Benteau, but my sense is that it is exceedingly rare in the older boats. In general the lines on older boats tended to be somewhat lower and not as beamy (and some of the traditionalists would argue they were more graceful). I sail in Eastern Long Island ( based in three mile harbor, sailing from Gardiner's Bay and vicinity ) and believe that most of the boats you mention are fine for these waters. I think that, as you will see on the blue water thread, some of the criteria for the "blue water" boats are actually disadvantages for the kind of sailing you plan in the first place. For example, very large tankage and storage is critical for an ocean crossing; it takes up useful room for coastal sailing. Many of the blue water boats are relatively narrow beam, very deep keel. Poking around shoal waters can be a lot of fun in the areas you will sail. In your shoes, I would be much more inclined to get the right boat for coastal sailing for a few years, develop skills and opinions, and then, when you are nearing the time for an ocean crossing, reevaluate just what you want. Just my 2 cents.
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