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I own an old (ancient) Tartan 27' but I would consider taking it coastal if I had everything checked out and re-worked for the distance cruising. I keep that boat up at Nyack and we mostly race it even though it is really designed as a seaworthy coastal cruiser. I like the older Tartan boats myself (including the T30) but the Pearson 30' also holds a lot of cachet in terms of it's own pedigree and design. I suggest you also consider the Endeavor 32' which is also not really on the 'Blue Water' boat list. There are also Irwin 32's and Ericsons as well to consider in the same range.
I seriously doubt that any of them will actually let you stand upright in the cabin without hitting your head if you are 6' 3" tall.
The only 'Blue Water' I did was on a 50' Beneteau from Tortola to the TCI (Turks & Caicos) but that is really in a very different price bracket. 'Blue Water' capable to me means that the boat has radar, sat-phone and/or SSB, auto pilot, life raft, jack lines and a chart plotter is not a bad thing to back up the paper charts (digital charts suck in terms of local detail IMHO). That 'extra' equipment can easily cost well over 10K to put into a small boat never mind fixing up things that really need attention beyond the 'extras' which you really need for safety.
It sounds to me like you really want a good, stable coastal cruiser and I think you are on top of that for the most part. If you really want blue water capabilities in a boat be prepared to shell out a lot more then for a P 30.
I'll give you a ride on my T 27' in the spring if you are still deciding at that point. There are a few T 30's and a P 30' at our club that you might even be able to get a ride on if I can arrange it.
Otherwise I will take you out on my 19' Lightning out of Huntington.
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