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New member, but been lurking for years. I am looking at a new boat this winter. I found a few boats that may fit what I need, but research hasnt shown much on a few of these boats. First, here is what I am looking for in a boat.

1. Long distance water.
2. mid size (27-36 feet)..I am 6'3" and finding a boat with a cabin that has decent headroom is nearly impossible under 30, but if a 27 has it I am willing to look at it.
3. older boat, as I like the look on the older boats. i am pretty handy with all, but fiberglass repair. Though, I am sure with practice, I can do it.
4. able to sleep 4 comfortably.
5. inboard. just my preference.
6. head w/shower
7. Decent fuel/water storage
8. Decent storage

these are not the only criteria, but some of the important ones. the main thing is headroom for me below deck. things like sailing ability are important too, but figure that is assumed as well. Other things like ovens, equipment, and such can be bought, and upgraded. I am not too worried about that. Just a sound, good performance cruiser.

I do want a blue water boat, as I plan to take this far. A few boats I have been looking at. Now they are all under 10k, and I realize, they will all need work if they are to be true blue waters.

I guess I was wondering if anyone has experience with any of these boats. I have read that most of these boats were taken on far voyages before, but they didnt go into detail if they had any trouble with it.

Anyways, here is the list
70 columbas 36- needs a bit of work. But is currently floating, which is a good thing, the only one on the list not in dry dock.
81 hunter 30'
69 islander 37'
76 pearson P30
73 tartan 30'
68 bristol 30'
70 seafarer 31'

I just want to get a fair assessment of the sea worthiness of these boats before I drive 2 hours to look at them. Maybe help me narrow it down.

I am close to only a few of these, the rest would require a decent amount of travel time to another state.

I've read some threads, but none that I can find that really said to stay away on most of these boats. The p30 seems to be liked as well as the tartan. Though, not much love for hunters when it comes to blue water capability.

So, does anyone know much about these boats?


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Hi, thanks for the replies. I guess I did leave some good info out.

I live on Long island, NY. So would sail primarily up and down the northeast coast.

As for blue water, I really have no interest in the BVI's or that vicinity. Sorry, cant give up my winters and my snow boards yet ;) I would not be doing much blue water for a few years, as I have only sailed safe harbors for a while, and do not feel I have enough experience to cross the pond just yet, but can handle 26' singlehand with no worries just fine in rough harbors with pretty rough weather. not a racer by any means and would probably be a better sailor if i was though. My eventual destinations will include crossing oceans. Ireland, UK, Scandinavia, Netherlands, and eventually oz, and nz.

I do realize this does require serious equipment and a sturdy boat. And will take time to equip her to make these voyages. I've read the sticky about blue water boats, and realize that most are absent from this list. though have heard p30's, tartans and the columbia both doing circumnavigated and prominent in the brutal waters of NE, PacWest, and Alaska.

I do not expect to shove off tomorrow, but would eventually like to prepare myself and the boat over the upcoming years to be blue ready.

If we took the blue water capabilites out of this, would anyone recommend any of these boats?
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