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Looking at a Sabre 34...

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Looking at a Sabre 34..This will be my first sailboat...I have several years experience on "OPB" Other People's Boats...She will be sailed mainly in the Great Lakes and I plan to compete in a Chicago to Mackinaw race in the next year or so...Someday would like to sail her out and down the east coast headed for the bahamas and beyond...Any comments or suggestions...

Thank You,

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Sabre builts nice boats. There were two versions 34-1 (84 and earlier) and 34-2 (85 to about 91) and two keels (deep fin and keel/CB). For racing the deep keel is better and for cruising the Bahamas the keel/CB would be preferable. Both the hull and deck are cored so a good survey is essential.
Thank you Jim....The boat is a 79 with the deep fin....I didn't know the hull was cored as well as the deck...Looking for a Surveyor in Northern Michigan...
More recent designs from Sabre seem to focus more on creature comforts and cruising than some of the older cruiser/racer models. We looked at a Sabre 34 and liked the interior layout. It was sensible if not spacious, and they do have a reputation for being well put together. The 34 also has nice lines. Some of the others seem a bit boxy and high-sided. It is certainly a 1st boat you could be proud of. You could do a lot worse and go a lot slower than with a Sabre 34.
If you haven't already done so, check out the Sabre 34-1 reviews on Sailing Magazine | Home and on BoatUS Home Page by Jack Horner.
I just purchased a 1984 Sabre 34 as my 1st boat. Did a lot of research and was looking for a 30 when I found this boat. Will launch next week for a three day voyage home. Cannot wait.
Thanks Paul for the response...Jim...excellent article thank you...and dvzee can I ask what you gave for your 84....Still haggling with the seller but called a surveyor today to get him started...Think I just might end up with a Boat for Christmas....and have to wait for May before I can sail her home...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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