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Here''s a boat that would fit your needs:
Morgan OI33 (I sold mine about six months ago though)
Beam: 11'' 10"
Draft: 3'' 11"
Headroom: I am 6'' 3 3/4" tall and I had head room throughout (even standing next to the v berth)
It does not fit your length requirement but it is much "bigger" than most other 33'' boats
Price: you can buy one for between $25K and 35K, and have plenty of money left over for a ton of upgrades.
I know of one in Michigan that is should still be for sale that was completely redone recently, and if you log onto a number of internet sites you can find boats currently for sale.
It is a full keel boat, that is somewhat slow and does not point well, but they were built to last (IMO). I would recommend buying a boat made in 1976 or later--they changed the design of the hull deck joint and there should be less problems and no problems with leaks. You will find some people that think these are not good boats, but I owned one (and I know otherwise) and they seem to fit your criteria well. If you need any more info or the contact in Michigan let me know.
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