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If youre a LONG distance cruiser, are 'documented' and have a captains ticket ... its legal for you to include medicinals (injectable drugs and 'potent' medications) that are otherwise unavailable to the common cruiser; usually available for 'just' the 'commercial/shipping' folks. Many of these 'medications' etc. are available based solely on your CAPTAINS license; opiate, etc. based meds obviously NEED a prescription - just about 'everywhere'.
A simple 'prescription' listing, signed by a licensed physician is all thats needed for 'legal purposes' (but youll have to check with the validity of such carriage for every country you enter).
There are maritime 'outlets' that will supply and 'package' these - consult with a large scale 'commercial' for current info for such suppliers.

With these 'potents' on board, the administering by - either those who are authorized and involved in the rescue, or yourself but under specific direction from land based medical authority (via SSB/HF/Sat Phone, etc.), YOU as captain can legally carry onboard, apply and use them in 'dire' emergencies. Its best to spend some time learning how to 'administer', etc. beforehand ... If youre USA etc. based, inquire with either a state 'health department' or Emergency Health Services agency ('ambulance/rescue' training) of how, where and when. ditto in Deutschland, etc.
In the USA, Id recommend contact with various training agencies that offer formal "Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician - WEMT", etc. courses. .... at a minimum, get their 'book' and self-study the courses - a great on-board 'reference'.
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