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Looking for CDI spool

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looking for a Type 1 cdi spool (see pics in latter post) Its 5.5 inches and either a V or O luff

Anybody know where I can get a used one? an upgrade kits is upwards of $400...a little high for me.

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I have to have 2 posts to add image....heres number 2
Doesn't look like a CDI. Are you sure?

Unless it's an older model - I have never seen that configuration before.
Here's a link to the CDI parts page - CDI - Flexible Furlers
That's the older "Reefer" system. Is it a Reefer 1 or 2? What's the problem
with it?

Here is my old "Reefer 2" drum. Note the bad wrap off the line caused
by me not putting any tension on furler line when spooling it up for the winter.
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Reefer 1.

There is a hairline crack where one bolt hole is.

I guess I can jury rig it with epoxy or fiberglass.
That is your only choice unless someone has one that they are parting out. CDI has no more drums for the 1 series and they have NO parts for the 2 series.

I am starting to look for a new furler as I don't know how long my Reefer 2 will hold up. Maybe 2 more seasons. I'm thinking of getting the Alado as my next furler. Price is right and people seem to be very happy with them.
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