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A 27 hunter as a live aboard? GASP... wait I retract that.. it's WAY nicer than my first apartment, and rental house... Actually that'd been like the Ritz compared to my first house.
Hunters, being seemingly designed by the marketing (And accounting) departments, have pretty decent looking accommodations. Cost cutting in manufacturing, and design requirements of the sales and marketing people, however, have made Hunters, and a lot of other boats on the market today, less than ideal (Being kind) for heavy use offshore.

$7k? it's a throw away. If it floats and everything works... sounds like a bargain.
This is a Hunter 27. I would still look at it very closely.

We are in the hayday of buyers market right now.. seen some crazy nice boats for sail lately, cheap.
Could be.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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