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Hi :) !! My name is Dounia, I am half french half arabic and I am travelling for more than one year in LAtinoamerica! I want to help/work/colaborate on a boat going to Panama, Central america or Caribeean Island against the crossing/trip! Iam experienced and really motivated! I am 26 and i dedicate my life to travel. I am now in Cartagena and I am looking for a boat goping to the North, I am opened to any itinirary as what I want to is to get out of Colombia and keep going up to Centroamerica, as my final latino destination would be Mejico!
I have been working in Ireland, Spain and Peru as a social worker and it has been now one year I am a nomada on the latin roads, wanting boat's life being part of my trip, without time limitation and a lot of motivation to make a fair and interesting exchange!
The sea has been calling me for few months now, and now I arrived in Cartagena I am really eager to find a nice boat and a nice crew to help, work, collaborate, against the crossing/trip!

I speak fluent english, spanish, french, catalan and a have strong basis in Arabic.

I have already spent 20 days on the mediterean sea , on a sailboat where I helped the captain to full the boat of tourists, I was his first assistant in terms of boat navigation, at the same time as doing the work of translation, meals cooking and boat cleaning. We were 3 people in the crew, and there were 7 tourists.

I am used to share a small space between many pepole as I have been living in different kind of "community" travelling, with tourists, travellers, locals, family... I am always adapting myself to new people, culture, languages, ways of being, ways of imagining life, ways of creating its own reality...

I am really motivated to go on a boat/sailboat in the caribean sea, more than a experience more, another learning.. it would be a new dream coming real.

I am loonking forward to hearing from you,
Respectfully, sincerly and hopefully,
I wish you a nice day!

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