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Panama anyone?

Hey willdadd,

I'm Amy, 26yo, hail from San Francisco and just quit my Seattle job in construction management to start a new chapter and escape the bureaucratic BS.

I'm a nomad by nature, and I hope to embark in Sep-Oct to Central/South America. Ultimately, I will begin in Costa Rica or Panama, and venture south on foot (or vessel) to Colombia and Ecuador, then to Brazil and Argentina and beyond

Long story short, I am a driven, adventurous, athletic, and eager individual looking for a skipper to take me on their route to Central America, and have fun while doing so. Anything involving music, travel or mangoes is high on my list.

Unfortunately, my sailing experience is limited to a few voyages on my friends cal 33, and a half-dozen sailing lessons on a laser, however I'm no dull tool, and can learn quickly.

Have I sparked any interest? Do you still need crew? Am I way too late? It's a long shot, but thought I'd try anyhow.

Thanks and cheers,

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