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I don't have any specific options for you, just some general suggestions. One note too is to actually visit the marina. Many will say no over the phone. Also photos of a well maintained boat to show the marina manager can help. (assuming it looks good to start with) Many marinas are tired of having to deal with derelict boats, so the easy thing to do is just say no. If you show up in person and appear to be well groomed, and well employed they often take a different view. One marina I went to had said no over the phone, but when I was there in person the girl said, "Oh lots of folks live aboard, no problem." Another one said they did not allow it, but I could call it staying on the boat a lot as he smiled. I could tell he did not care at all, but I would not want to be a "sneak aboard" (one who lives aboard without permission from marina that does not allow it) as you could loose your slip with no return of paid slip rent.

Another thing to look out for when living aboard, is the quality of facilities. If the electric goes out all the time for a day sailor it means showing up to warm beer and soda, but for you it could be spoiled food! Also poor electric can cause a lot of maintenance issues. Other facilities are really up to you as to how much you want. Personally I could live with pretty primitive facilities, but laundry would be nice, clean bathrooms a necessity.
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