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I can't swear that this is the same boat, but there was a similar wooden boat hauled out at a small Boatyard in Union Spring on Lake Cayuga back in the 1970's. The boat appeared to be abandoned and in terminally bad condition. She was there for several years.

I have no idea if that boat was chopped up (more likely) or restored but a rebuild would have been wildly expensive since she had sprung planks suggesting that minimally she needed refastening but more likely her frames are shot. That boat was badly hogged. At that point in time there was the remnants of a canvas winter cover which masked the cabin, and a pile of stuff below the boat.

I don't know if that yard still exists and whether the current yard owners would remember that boat, but it may help your description that she was in a corner of the yard near a large wreck of a wooden power cruiser.

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