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Looking for opinions on the 77' Columbia 8.7

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I am looking for a stateside boat in this size range. Looking to use the boat mainly on inland waterways, ICW transit, and some coastal cruising, also as a liveaboard. I like the general layout of the boat and it seems to be in fairly good condition. The one thing I do not like about the boat, is it powered by an Atomic 4 with roughly 900 hours on it. If my research is correct, the 77' model was one of the last to be built by columbia before they went under. The later models were built by Howard Hughes Corp it seems and some adjustments were made, mostly interior.

If anyone could give me some opinions on this boat for a coastal cruiser type, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Hi ,

You seemed to have posted the same thread in two forums. Which one do you want to keep your question in, so I can delete the other? Thanks.
Oh, I apoligize I wasn't aware that was a no no. You can delete the one in general discussion and keep this one. Thanks
No worries.:) Good luck!
Very modestly built boats that are suitable for the type of cruising you are considering but GET a SURVEY...check bulkheads carefully for water ingress.
Thanks Cam
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Columbia 8.7

I have a 10-7 which is of the same design. If I were to move to a smaller boat, I would not hesitate to go with the 8.7. The advice about survey is good advice, however, if you don't want to spring for the survey, I would advise a moisture meter, and look for moisture in the deck. Especially around chain plates, or any fittings that go through the deck. Also, the ports are a source of water intrusion into the surrounding bulkhead and deck. :)
I love my '77 8.7 meter Chi Lin #179. You will not find as comfortable a boat in anything under 30 feet. I spend a couple nights aboard each week and am about to take her on a 3 week cruise from Chicago up and around Door County Wisconsin.

I am looking for a pair of stern chocks if anyone knows of an 8.7 that is being scrapped.

Jim Haring
I will second (or third) the motion on the 8.7 and the problem with water intrusion via the portlights. I have had an 8.7 and two 8.3s over the years here in Maryland and that was the common issue. One had the Volvo and two had A4s. I ended up putting an outboard bracket on one 8.3 while I was working on the A4. I always had good luck with the A4 in general.
I'm acquiring a 1982 Hughes Columbia 8.7 in mint condition. Does anyone know the mast clearance height?
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