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Hallo everybody from Germany,
I''m in the process of deciding which boat matches most of my
I''m planning to get me a boat, that will be probably in the 32-40'' range.
It will sail the North Sea for a few years, where in the
coastal areas the tide will bring up the boat many times
on muddy grounds, a monohull will lay on its side.
Wind and weather can change quickly, an you probably
find yourself more times in a storm than you would guess.
For that reason I''m looking for an added inside steering.
In a few years time I will retire ( 42 years old then)
Now comes the tricky part, the boat should be a
pleasant liveaboard for mostly hot countries.
I was interested in a Nauticat 38, but teak deck
and hot countries won''t get together.
I''m willing to compromise with sailing performance
rather than comfort.
Comfort means, fridge and freezer, nice galley, hot water,
owners stateroom, heating but no A/C, easy to singlehand, she should be possible.
independet from marinas (large tanks).
Second inside steering is absolutely necessery,
it gives you a 9 month season in europe !!
I know, its a lot I''m asking for, specially I''m able
to spend not much more than 80''000 US$
Adding 20''000 for everything else I have to pay
and install to her makes my max.
If anyone knows about a boat that meets my expectations,
let me know. Needless to say, good and safe passagemaking.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Guys
I''m not 100% impressed with this site or the thread system - but IF you''re interested in hearing my views about MY liveaboard, I''d be happy to reply openly or privately.
My boat is a 38'' Aluminium [Aluminum for the US''s] a Burmudan Cutter with almost everything I wanted needed (threw the TV in the bin!!) I have sailed 3000 miles from Florida, Exumas, CUBA!!!, Florida again and 7 months in Abaco. We are both still OK after ''Floyd'' came through and now I would prefer a CAT (a PDQ or other 36'') WHY??? My email is [email protected]
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