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Pearson 26er
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Hi All, this is a repeat of a reply I just posted to the 28' Pearson Rudder Thread.

We are looking for a replacement rudder for our '75 Pearson 26. Ours got bent at the top of the rudder care of TowBoat and deep sand. The aluminum shaft is sleeved with a second outer aluminum sleeve. The shaft bent and the sleeve split. I am attaching a few pix. Not very interested in attempting a sound and safe enough repair on this. Even though we are just lake sailors. Never know what the future may bring.

I have been in touch with Tim at DIY Marine Supply, and he has some close fits with a few similar rudders from other manufacturers, that would need some up-fitting, but not any that are perfect plug n play shaped Pearson Rudders.

I have seen the add's for the one source who has newly manufactured rudders for $1850. Hoping that someone may know of a Pearson 26' being parted out somewhere with a good used "correct" rudder. Or what range of years should we look for, anyone know that part spec ?

Jim Fink & Barry Saunders
Kerr Lake, North Carolina.


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I may be inclined to take some careful measurements and try to cut and sleeve the shaft with some stainless steel schedule 40 pipe. Remove the bent section and build it back to size with epoxy.

My rudder post was badly corroded around the bottom baring (probably stray current).

I took some careful measurements, cut the Al pipe about 8" above the rudder and drove a ss pipe into the old Al pipe(it went in about 20" or so, well past the corroded part). I coated the inside of the pipe with thickened west system epoxy 1st.


I coated the top SS pipe with epoxy and slid the old Al shaft over the new SS pipe and paid a welder to weld the old Al pipe back together.

My rudder is about 1/8" shorter than it was but they have about 3/4" of play in them.

I built up the corroded Al shaft with epoxy mixed with graphite powder (messy) waxing the barring and allowing epoxy to set up.

before the rudder had some wobble to it (shaft was not in full contact with lower bearing)

Now the rudder is very tight, no play what so ever.

Cost was less than $150.00 vs about $1800 for a new one.
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