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Looking to crew US East coast to Europe (anywhere) in Sept

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Young former-oceanography student/fun guy/entertainer/hard worker looking to crew to Europe this Fall in September. I'm a journalist, planning to cover an international story in Rome in early October.
I love the sea and have been waiting for a chance to spend more time boating for many years.
I'm strong and sturdy, a good cook and I never complain. I sing and play music, and would love to be your ship-mate. I'll crew for passage and food, and be happy with whatever you have to offer.
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You should post your sailing experience. With your goals you might also consider trying to find a job on a big yacht. Good luck, fair winds.
Exp/yacht work

That's a great idea Wanderingstar. I have plenty of boat time, however none of it is sailing. I used to cross a rough Hawaiian channel (Molokai to Maui) multiple times per week in a diesel ferry, a couple of hours each way, for three years. I'm studying sailing online currently via NauticEd.
Where would I find out about large yachts that might be crossing this year, so that I could look for work there?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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