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You might want to check to see what yacht clubs are "local" to you. They are all pitched to different crowds, but many are social clubs as much as anything else, with "beach club" facilities and an off-season program for the whole family. Others are basically just clubhouses with lots of boats and docks.
I'm thinking that one of the more social-oriented clubs could be a good way for a family to get involved in the sport, a place where the kids could be distracted as well.
Sailing often creates family issues, since either you will be "out playing on boats" while the wife is dealing with 3 children, or the two of you will be out, and then you've got to find someone else to deal with the children. So unless you find a way to make it a family activity, there's a lot of potential for friction there.
But if you find local clubs (which may be a bit deserted now in the off-season) you'll usually find that they all welcome anyone who is newly interested in boats.
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