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Hi Ryan,

+1 for what Don said - you're going at the right way by offering to crew for races.

I occasionally crew aboard an Ensign that races on the Thames River in New London, CT and it's a blast. My only contribution to the boat is to provide considerable ballast on a windy day. Even without experience, you're young and spry, so your services will be in demand.

Have you checked out the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island website?

LIS One Design Sailing - Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound

Take a look at this page and scroll down to the "Clubs with One Design Fleets" section. Pick one of the boats that has a fleet at a yacht club near you. I'd suggest that you focus on one of the larger "family friendly" designs such as the Ensign, Sonar, Flying Scot, or even the Shields class. Contact the yacht club and get on their crew list. I'm sure you won't have to wait long for an offer.

You have beautiful family! After you get a little "sea time" next summer, I imagine that the skipper of the boat that you are crewing on would be happy to arrange a daysail for them. If you ease them into sailing by picking the day carefully based on the weather and keeping the first trips short, you'll have a loyal crew for life.
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