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my sincerest condolences on catching sailing. There is no cure and there's no money in it. Probably your best bet is to hang a note at you nearest yacht club or sailing center. Title it "WILLING RAIL MEAT". There should be a response. Also, see about taking a Sailing and Seamanship course from you local USCGA Power Squadron. You'll have the beginning of a handle on sailing. In the meantime, consider picking up a large trailer sailor, something in the 23 foot range. You'll be able to find out if your bride loves sailing as much as you. Always a good thing. If it turns out that sailing is not for the Zs, you out a few bucks but the boat will sell. If you're unlucky enough to not be sailing-resistant, sail the 23 like there's no tomorrow, then buy bigger.

Lovely family. Enjoy your grand adventure with them to the fullest.

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