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Thanks for the replies. The reefing is all external to the boom. Yes, I think a lot of the friction is where the line passes through the clew cringle, I was thinking about using some of these Antal loops to reduce the friction, but I think the system would still benefit from thinner, lower friction lines :

Low friction rings

NB : It's not when reefing that I have the problem, it's when raising the main without reef, and I am trying to pull all 4 reefing lines with their respective frictions.
Considering your sailing area Mark, you rarely need more than two reefs. I suggest you pull the 3rd and 4th reef out of the sail and simply dead end them at the turning blocks on the boom, from which they can easily be rigged when preparing the yacht for a cruise beyond the Gate, if considered necessary. Given the size of the yacht, I suggest you switch to 3/8" Spectra with the cover stripped from the working ends of the lines except where they will be engaged in a winch or clutch to be locked down. At your latitude, the Spectra will easily last 10+ years or more, particularly so as they will most often be under cover.

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