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Second jimsCal's suggestion that you don't take up the reef lines when dousing. I just fold everything into the bag

I use all Warpspeed line for the three reefs that I have on my 1:1 main, everything run to the pit. Reef lines run from dead-end (BIG eyestraps) on boom through cringles at the leech, back down to the boom end where there are sheaves, forward through the boom to sheaves at the fwd end of the boom, down to blocks on the mast, then they turn aft and run to Constrictor clutches on the cabin top

When changing to a high-tech line like Warpspeed, you can downsize at least one size, maybe two. You will then need to consider what clutches you're running because 1: the line is slick and slips in clutches sized to it; 2: if you downsize, you're even more likely to slip in the clutch (my experience).

In light of this, consider the new Constrictor clutches which in my opinion are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

All this said, I'm saying that I went to HMPE line, downsized, and still have a 1:1 on a big-roach catamaran (40' Catana) main and it runs pretty well
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