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Delrin is a machinable plastic so you need an ordinary machine shop, not a plastic fabricator. It would be made on an ordinary lathe.

You need to make a drawing or sketch of what you want, and take it to a machine shop. I doubt if anyone is mass-producing these bushings, as everyone will have different degrees of wear.

I just found a load of slop in my lower bushing on haulout.

There are two ways to fix it : have a custom bushing made, probably in Delrin, or remove the pintle and install a new one that matches the dimension of the worn gudgeon. Ideally you would remove the gudgeon and have that machined out slightly too, just take a hair off to make sure the hole is round.

The latter is what the yard did on my boat. You need a solid bronze rod of the right diameter for the new pintle.

Looks like your rudder will just lower off the gudgeon, you are lucky - my gudgeon and pintle are a third of the way up the rudder so the rudder had to be cut.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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