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Sorry to disappoint you guys:

1. delrin was used in the 70-ties and 80-ties. Not used for rudder bushes any more, doesn't last, and absorbs water.
2. There are other, modern plastic materials. Many boatyards have, or have access. Again, avoid delrin.
3. Epoxy with graphite ... no, sorry, the preassure is to high for epoxy. As an emergency reparation, on the way home from holiday cruise, yes. But not something that lasts.
4. ... ok, it have not yet been mentioned, but avoid the plastics ending with ... ix or simililar, ie plasic mixes that are claimed to be superior, but very secret.

Rudder bearing failure is rather common. As fixing it does require some efforts, do spend both time and money to get it right, not having to repeat again in two years.

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