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Lower rudder bushing

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I think I will run this by everyone...seems no one is familiar with this at the Irwin owners site. I am looking for information with regards to replacing the bottom rudder bushing in my Irwin 30...I have consulted the Irwin Yachts site, got some helpful info from Gene Gammon with regards to materials used and fit, but have yet to find anyone who produces this item. There is about 1/2" play at bottom bushing, and a bit more then that at the brass bushing in cockpit deck where the rudder shaft fits to the tiller. If anyone has any information regarding this issue, would appreciate any help. Thanks, all insights appreciated.
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I've cast a bushing in place on my Bristol 24 7 years ago, using JB weld metal filled epoxy. I also used Vaseline on the shaft. It has held up perfectly since then.
Sometimes going with what the manufacturer recommends and building it to their specs works well too.

I have always used gray plastic PVC hose barbs. A 1 1/4 inch shaft fits perfectly in a 1 1/2 inch hose barb. They have done circumnavigations, and lasted for decades of mostly full time use, with no sign of wear. They cost 89 cents to replace and are the same worldwide.
I once used one for a stern bearing on a direct drive shaft doing 2500 rpm, for several years with no sign of wear.

Thirty years will do...that is no doubt.
I just read your article and I am having a similar issue with my 1980 Irwin Citation 30. Did you ever resolve the issue? And How?

Thank You.

Jupiter II
Have not...but using the information Rik posted, have gotten close. On the Irwin forum there are people who have completed this task on various size vessels. I am waiting till I pull the boat, and that has been pushed into the unforeseeable future...since I am not planning any extensive excursions at this point in time, it has become a low priority issue. Rik Hall has replaced the one on his I-34, it is similar to the 30's just may not be the exact size...but I don't know that for certain. I suggest posting on the Irwin sailboats FB site...join up, very simple and painless protocol...lots of help there. Good luck with it, if you do indeed proceed forward, write down the specs and photo doc the procedure so it all gets documented for your vessel....
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