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Lubricating the mast track is a very bad idea. If you decide to do this you will eventually accumulate more dirt and debris in the slot than you can possibly imagine. The lubricant catches more airborne contaminants than you can shake a stick at. The correct way to proceed is to clean the track all of the way up with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol on a rag, be sure to stuff the rag into the slot and change the rag often as it becomes dirty. After the mast track is clean lubricate the sail slugs with McLube or silicon but, make sure the slugs have dried before putting the back into the mast track. As an analogy, when you have dried and chaffed hands at the end of the day when doing the spring pre-launch work, do you put hand lotion on your dirty hands or do you wash them first before applying the lube? Now you get the picture, clean then lube, just don''t use the hand lotion on the sail slugs.
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