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I'm a sailor and the author of a new GRIB viewer that is now available on the Mac. The application is called LuckGrib. The app has been available on the Apple Mac store for a little while.

A short list of some of the applications features is:

* it can import any version 1 or 2 GRIB file
* it can download files directly from NCEP/NOAA. I support the entire GFS model (over 300 parameter/level combinations), CMC and the global WW3 wave model
* animation is deeply integrated into the application - all transitions are animated
* dynamic graphical feedback - if you see the program in action, you'll understand what I mean by this
* the program supports the standard ways of viewing the data (a variety of arrows for direction, color map images to show magnitudes, contours) as well as streamlines. You can create presets of combinations you like and quickly switch between them
* the application contains a librarian which keeps track of all the files you download and import. This makes it very easy to switch between files to compare different forecasts at the same time, or different models

The application has many more features. Its an elegant and powerful application. If you're using a different GRIB viewer on the Mac now - you should definitely take a look at LuckGrib.

There are short video's demonstrating LuckGrib available on YouTube. If you visit YouTube and search for "LuckGrib" you should see several videos. A quick preview is:

If you have a Mac and are interested in the weather, you should have this application!
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