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Luger Voyager 30

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I'm looking at a Luger Voyager 30. I presently live on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Chicago, and I'm thinking about buying one of these for a couple thousand. The owner says it doesn't have a headliner, just the bare under-deck (if that's a term) with fittings visible, etc.

He's been sailing it on Lake Michigan for 18 years and is retiring; now wants to unload it. He says there is 9 hp two-stroke outboard that's a few years old, some old but sturdy sails, and one window (portlight?) that's leaking.

I'm new to boats bigger than 15 feet, and new to sailing a yacht at all. But I think this might make a good starter that I can keep on a buoy in the harbor, take on weekend or week-long trips on the lake. Other possible trips include making it to the atlantic and down to the bahamas, which would necessarily be a couple of months.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this boat, if you have anything to contribute to my odyssey.

What do I need to look out for? Are there any special difficulties I might encounter? Weak spots?

Thank you,
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2 Grand is a very fair price for project grade Luger 30. But expect to spend a lot more to make it safe and sea worthy. Great design for gunkholing and if properly outfitted, also for coastal sailing.
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Survey/inspection tips:
Boat Buyer's Guide - Boat Evaluation Checklist - BoatUS
Marine Survey 101, Do your own marine survey

A trailer for a boat this size has to be rock solid to be roadworthy. Otherwise it may just be something to use in a boat yard for storage out of water.
Headroom on a boat is a tricky thing for tall people. Something they need to get used to. Good head (toilet) is far more important. You can always stretch out in the cockpit, but taking a leak in a stinky, hard to work marine toilet can be traumatic to most women. ;)
You can buy used sails much cheaper then new ones, but you need to be very careful and deliberate about it, to make sure they fit.
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Good luck Josh and keep cool when looking at the boat. The real cost is not in buying a boat, but in fixing and keeping it on an annual basis. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating and expensive. These magic moments when the sailing is really good or when you spend the night in a quiet, beautiful anchorage make the money spent on the boat well worth it. :)
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