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Luger Voyager 30

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I'm looking at a Luger Voyager 30. I presently live on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Chicago, and I'm thinking about buying one of these for a couple thousand. The owner says it doesn't have a headliner, just the bare under-deck (if that's a term) with fittings visible, etc.

He's been sailing it on Lake Michigan for 18 years and is retiring; now wants to unload it. He says there is 9 hp two-stroke outboard that's a few years old, some old but sturdy sails, and one window (portlight?) that's leaking.

I'm new to boats bigger than 15 feet, and new to sailing a yacht at all. But I think this might make a good starter that I can keep on a buoy in the harbor, take on weekend or week-long trips on the lake. Other possible trips include making it to the atlantic and down to the bahamas, which would necessarily be a couple of months.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on this boat, if you have anything to contribute to my odyssey.

What do I need to look out for? Are there any special difficulties I might encounter? Weak spots?

Thank you,
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Actually looks a substantial vessel, from a decent designer even if she won't be the 'prettiest girl at the dance'..

Finish quality is always going to be the big variable with what were predominantly kit boats.

VOYAGER 30 (LUGER) sailboat specifications and details on
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