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I have 4 of the edison base lamps with clap on shades in my boat. I switched from the screw in tungstn to CFL's even tho that made mounting shades more difficult. After buying a couple at marine stores I found I could order them online from RV companies at half the cost, and with a variety of wattage and color temperatures. The cheaper RV CFL's were sensitive to polarity, and I wound up wire swapping on 3 of the bases. These 12v CFL's worked great, cutting power usage down by at least half while staying bright. A significant reduction but more was desired.

I have tried 2 different 12v LED Globe lamps with the edison screw base. Both have been expensive $30+ , had poor color temperatures (what I call jaundice lighting), and were dim. No way in hell they matched the claimed brightness of 40 or 60 watt bulbs.

My advice, buy where you can return.

There are some very nice DR LED warm white clusters that are made for bayonet bases. If the company mounted one on a screw base and stuck a globe over it would make a very fine lamp for the need.
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