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Hi I just picked up a MacGregor 25. I'm looking into re-doing the connection between the centerboard (CB) and the cable.

Right now, the cable is simply looped around one side of a plain bolt which runs through the CB horizontally*. I doubt this is the original arrangement, since this appears to hang the CB slightly to the side (the cable runs right down the centerline to the bolt poking out of the side of the CB, which means the CB itself is off a bit to the side). I assume this was not the original design and this will steer the boat slightly to the side, particularly when the CB is up e.g. when I'm motoring through shallow channels.

I would love to see a diagram, picture, or description of the original connection. I have been unable to locate anything so far. This will help me fabricate a new connection myself. Pictures or descriptions of your successful fabrications will also be helpful.

I was thinking about running a chain over the CB from one side of the through-bolt to the other, then attaching the cable to this chain via a D shackle at the top/middle of the CB (also the middle of the chain). The CB would then be directly beneath/in-line-with the cable.

Of course, I could be wrong and the simple bolted-on-cable could be the original arrangement (but I have no way of knowing). The steering problem is probably not severe and should be unimportant when the board is fully down, so maybe it's nothing to worry about.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

*I assume this is the original hole for the connection. The hole is about 4" down from the top of the CB and 2" through the CB, which seems to rule out standard D shackles for this connection. As noted above, I'm considering using stainless chain instead of a D shackle.
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