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This summer's upgrade on a Catalina 320 is to remove the stock alternator and charger. The current plan is to replace the alternator with a 100A Balmar with external voltage regulator. There is lots of information on this upgrade.

There is less information on the charger replacement. I am considering changing over to a charger/inverter, possibly the Magnum MS2812. This is a pure sine wave unit with good specs. I have found little information from current owners. Does anyone have an experience-based opinion on this unit and the install process used?

Xantrex has lots more information available and a broader model line, but the hadrware is Chinese made, while the Magnum products are manufactured in the USA. Being a Canadian I would have selected Xantrex before that Canadian company was sold off-shore. Now one needs to think twice, as although Xantrex has a history there is still a lot to be said for American know-how.

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