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Wow, that's impressive. Same thing happened to me a few years ago but the rig on the boat was old and I didn't trust going up the mast tethered to the jib halyard.

So I first motored over to nearby pier that had a building with a second story on it. I got off the boat and walked the jib halyard up to the deck on the second story of the building so I was parallel to the top of the mast (24' boat at the time) and tried to pull the mast to me. Try as I might - pulling and rocking the boat - I couldn't get it near close enough to grab the halyard. Which made me even more impressed by that old wind power which heels the boat with ease.

Anyway, I eventually bit the bullet and motored the boat to my yard. The yard guys put an employee on the fork end of a big fork lift and raised him as high as it would go and moved it as close as they could to my boat in the water. I could barely watch as the guy leaned out off of the end of the fork and grabbed my halyard.

Cost me $100.

You are much smarter then I.
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