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Mainsheet and jib lines needed

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Yup, I've tried the search here but it really doesn't work that well it seems. I am looking to get some new mainsheet and jib lines but not sure what type. I would love to have blue for the mainsheet and red for the jib sheet. Not only will it help me a tad as a beginner but it will help my wife and daughters who want to learn to sail AFTER I learn. So what type?

I would prefer to have at least 3/8" and something not so hard on the hands. I heard several people like the Regatta Braid but I can't seem to find them in different colors.
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I'm happy with the Trophy Braid for my sheets and XLS Yacht Braid for halyards. 5/16" sounds small for sheets that will spend a lot of time in your hand but I don't know your boat.
When considering line size be sure to look at your blocks, cleats etc.
I wanted line I could easily grab for my main sheet and thought I measured 1/2" on the old sheet. When the line came it wouldn't run through the blocks. I learned from that and bought 2' lengths of different sizes and tested them in my hand and the boat.
APSLTD has great service and gives good advice. Defender has good prices. Between them you should be able to find what you want.
Like you I did solid blue for main sheet, then blue speck for main halyard. Solid red for jib sheets and red speck for jib halyard.
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