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Mainsheet and jib lines needed

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Yup, I've tried the search here but it really doesn't work that well it seems. I am looking to get some new mainsheet and jib lines but not sure what type. I would love to have blue for the mainsheet and red for the jib sheet. Not only will it help me a tad as a beginner but it will help my wife and daughters who want to learn to sail AFTER I learn. So what type?

I would prefer to have at least 3/8" and something not so hard on the hands. I heard several people like the Regatta Braid but I can't seem to find them in different colors.
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I just ordered Samson Control DPX line for my mainsheet line from defender tonight. I have held New England salsa line before which is a 12 strand single braid line and it is amazing to hold and is so soft it never kinks or loads up in the blocks. The DPX is similar to Yale PhD line but with a much higher load rating. Defender only has 1/2" DPX, which is what I needed for my 47' boat, but I'm sure you can get it from Annapolis Performance Sailing or Layline or some where else.

As for colors, they are white with red, blue, or green flecks.. And I think an all white one.

12 strand is easy to splice as well.. But if you can find the Salsa line, that would work on your size boat if you don't mind a little more stretch. Probably a little cheaper than the DPX.

I also got Samson MLX 3/8" for my boom vang, well see how that feels. You could try that for sheets, it's a mid ground line price and specs wise. And have solid colors with some white snow looking spots on it.. Hard to explain, you'll see it when you look at it.

- Ronnie...on the geaux
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Reaved my mainsheet last week and hooked it up to the boom and traveller. Fashion accessory Jewellery Leash
Vehicle Crane Boat Watercraft Ship

- Ronnie...on the geaux
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