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Mainsheet and jib lines needed

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Yup, I've tried the search here but it really doesn't work that well it seems. I am looking to get some new mainsheet and jib lines but not sure what type. I would love to have blue for the mainsheet and red for the jib sheet. Not only will it help me a tad as a beginner but it will help my wife and daughters who want to learn to sail AFTER I learn. So what type?

I would prefer to have at least 3/8" and something not so hard on the hands. I heard several people like the Regatta Braid but I can't seem to find them in different colors.
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I have a Precision 165 not sure how long I need for either but was just planning on measuring and adding 10 feet to each jib line side and 10 feet to the mainsheet. At under a dollar a foot I would rather over compensate and cut later.
The PO left me the jib lines but I truly think they are too short with what looks like would only be about 3 feet in the cockpit on a close haul. When I get to the point where I feel comfortable going wing on wing on a downwind, I highly doubt there will be enough left in the cockpit for control. If I buy too long then I just cut to the proper length.

Regarding the mainsheet, same thing. If I have to let out the main sheet quite a ways to depower in a hurry or even not in a hurry, I don't think there is enough line for this.

Looks like both lines are 5/16".
This page contains all the specs for running rigging from the manufacturer:

Jibsheet is spec'd at 1/4" x 26' and mainsheet is 5/16" x 52'. You may want to increase the jibsheet to 5/16 to make it a bit more comfortable, but 3/8 will be a bit much. As far as length -- too long isn't quite as bad a too short, but underfoot it can be a PITA. Adding 10' is approaching doubling what the manufacturer indicates. Adding 5' gives you an additional 20% -- that should be plenty.

Trophy braid should be fine for your use and Defender's sale is a bargain.

PERFECT thanks CLucas and everybody else. I just measured the jib sheets and there is 12' each side so 24' so 2 feet short (I was close at guessing 3 feet short). I will go to RED 5/16" and 31' for jib.

Just measured the main and it was 30' at 5/16". If specs show 52' (which seems very high for me even as a noob) then 30' is way off. Main I will go BLUE 5/16" at 52' (I don't think I will increase main....block is for 5/16").

I see Defender has the 5/16" Samson Trophy braid at .58/foot where APS is .74/foot. Another order to Defender--:)
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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