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For us, as full time liveaboard cruisers, it all depends on use. Only the generator is on a strict 150 hour oil/filter change schedule.
The water temp is higher in summer and we sail less, promoting more growth in the salt water lines (refer, a/c, heads, watermaker, ME and gene) so the sea strainers/filters require more frequent attention. The rig requires more attention in winter because we sail in heavier winds, more frequently.
I think if you are always aboard, you develop a feeling for how things are operating and if something requires maintenance, you become aware of it pretty quickly. For instance, if the a/c seems not to be cooling as well, or the fridge not as quickly, you'll check and clean the sea strainers.
A maintenance "schedule" for a liveaboard could lead to problems, so it's better to tune in to your equipment and do the maintenance as each unit requires it.
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