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For what its worth...on our recent trip to LIS and Block Island from the Chesapeake and back, I used an app on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active) called mAIS available from the Google Store.

With a cell or WiFi connection it will transmit your location, speed, course, and show a track along with you MMSI # (you get a unique MMSI number for your boat when you register with Just Google "Windgeist" and you should find this... WINDGEIST - Sailing Vessel: current position and details | MMSI 913031038, Callsign | Registered in USA - AIS Marine Traffic All for free!

It was pretty cool for folks who were following our trip, in fact on a few occasions some friends were calling me giving the play by play tour as we passed various sites of interest :) "And on your port is the UN Building, to starboard there is a high speed ferry, etc..." ;)

Family, especially my Mom was particularly fond of it since she was somewhat freaked out by our excursion this year (Mothers, you know very protective sometimes, especially with the kids on board :rolleyes:)

I didn't know it but she had sent the Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions - AIS Marine Traffic link to everyone on her email list, I found out upon our return how many were checking in on us on a daily basis.

You do have to remember to turn it on and off, I forgot at one point and it showed us doing about 25 mph on Block Island (taxi ride to downtown), :eek: Oops!

I am not suggesting this is a replacement for a true AIS, just a neat app that's free and fun. It will consume battery so I regularly kept the phone plugged in.

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